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Author-artist Gregory Scheckler makes stories, cartoons, paintings, and more. Here’s some examples:




“Grow, Give, Repeat”

“A Persistence of Ghosts”

“You Came Very Well Recommended”


“Noisy Street: New York City Poems and Images” (out of print)

“Jonah’s Indigo Brain” The Advocate

“Duel” Inklings

“Triptych for Silence” Inklings

“Autumn Soliloquy” The North Adams Transcript

“Palm Reading” Fifty Word Fiction, Exeter UK

“Asphyxiation of Professor McCarthy” Fifty Word Fiction, Exeter UK

“Two Unfortunate Displays of Bad Taste” Fifty Word Fiction, Exeter UK

“Snowfall Clothing Journal” chapbook, (out of print)

Essays / Articles

“A storm of Exceptions: On Being a 21st Century Artist-Teacher”

“Review: Academically Overstated: Arum and Roska’s Academically Adrift”

“Review: New Brain Trends in Art: Onian’s Neuroarthistory”

“The Darkness and Brightness of Teaching: Portraits of College Dropouts” Thought & Action, NEA Higher Education Journal

“Rembrandt and Degas: Two…” Berkshire Review: International Journal for the Arts

“Best of the Decade Series: A Personal Reading List of Sci-Fi” The North Adams Transcript

“Questioning Classical Realism: A Critique of the Art Renewal Center”






“Snowy Summit” The North Adams Transcript, p.A3, Jan 18, 2011

“Moon at Super Perigee” selected photo at, Mar. 20, 2011

“Veteran’s Day Deer”