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Filled with Humans and Synthoids, the Moon's colonies suffer strange accidents and deadly crimes. 

Two novelettes in one book

In "The Escape Artist Who Saved the Moon" Arcman wants a new life. But first he must escape puzzling time-loops.

In "Lila of Regolith City," Synthoid Lila’s street-urchin ways serve her well until a murder reveals new secrets.

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Massachusetts author Gregory Scheckler lives in the Berkshires. He enjoys both Star Trek and Star Wars and he isn’t afraid to say so in public. He and his wife are avid telemark skiers, and enjoy mountain biking and hiking too.

He wrote the science fiction novels Biomimic Generations, StarFold and the Infinite Things Series (all forthcoming) as well as numerous short stories, including the collections Water Taxi in a River of Vampire Fish, Future Build, and Moon Dust Infinity.

Writings credits include World Weaver Press, The Berkshire Review, the Mind’s Eye Liberal Arts Journal, and Thought & Action: Journal of the National Education Association. Selected visual arts credits include Ferrin Gallery, the Washburn Historical and Cultural Museum, Duluth Art Institute, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, the Bennington Museum, the Berkshire Museum, and the National Science Foundation.

Copyright 2016 Gregory Scheckler