Five phases of the project, about 48″x72″ on canvas, in acrylics

Status Update Time Machinery Series: Meditations on Change through Painting… Some imagery always morphs from one state to another. This series of images proceed in the same painting, with the intent of always reworking the canvas — sometimes repainting sections of it, or the entire canvas to restart it. What you are looking at is one canvas, photographed at intervals. There is no finished canvas and no finished artwork to be displayed later, and no image is conserved for future generations. 

The term ‘status update’ refers to the seemingly endless stream of new information coming at us from all directions that is then repackaged as pithy performative statements on social networks. And the term ‘time machinery’ is my science-fictional reminder of mutation across time as the imagery fades, returns, evolves.

The style (for now) is loosely allied with cartooning and graffiti. The medium is acrylics, because they cure and layer easily. The size is about six by four feet. Which images last a long time because I love them and can’t stand to let go of them? Which ones are inconsequential and easily reworked? Ultimately all imagery disappears from attention, replaced over time, entropy, and change.