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These three stories are remarkable. They are believable and well researched giving us a very real look at where we're heading. The characters are great and seem like people you want to know. I look forward to reading much more from Gregory Scheckler in the future about the future.

M. Icen, Amazon customer

New York City flooded following decades of climate change and earthquakes. And after his father died, Jackson Lowry rowed a small taxi-boat to help his friends and neighbors. But now a mysterious realtor sets in motion a cryptic plot laced with the nefarious Circuit and a wealthy investor who pits Jackson against his better judgment.

This novelette also contains two bonus short stories. In the special feature “Five Paintings,” two art critics battle over the value of a rich collector’s paintings. In “Five Sketches of an Everyday Infinity” the journalist Leopold reveals the secrets of experiencing a sense of the infinite to his new companion, the artificial intelligence named Synthoid Etteri. All three tales in the book come from the futuristic Infinite Things world, affected by global climate change, artificial intelligence, and a growing new economy focused on green technologies.

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