Howdy. Thanks for stopping by my website. I'm the author of a handful of science fiction books: Water Taxi in a River of Vampire Fish, Moon Dust Infinity, and the upcoming novels StarFold, Biomimic Generations, and Infinite Things.

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Recent Amazon Reader's Reviews

  • “Its style reminds me of the great sci-fi classics I read while in college… Nice twists and solid science make this an intriguing read.”

  • “… a world quite dazzling in it’s mysteriousness: a futuristic Manhattan… Beautifully written… for me this has been a discovered treasure like a lovely seashell on the beach.”

  • “These three stories are remarkable. They are believable and well researched giving us a very real look at where we’re heading. The characters are great and seem like people you want to know. I look forward to reading much more from Gregory Scheckler in the future about the future.”

(The Spock doll who lives in my office.)

What is Science Fiction?

 hint: there's a lot more the one answer!